Encore de Pluma
(MiSueno x Unos Esperanza) 

Rare opportunity to own a direct Mi Sueno daughter! Paso Fino Mare.  14.1H Tall Bay Mare forward trail horse.  Recommended for experienced rider. Encore's dam was 2004 PFHA CTR High Point Horse of the Year.  Several of Encore's siblings have successful long distance riding experience.   Encore's recent training tune up has focused on slow relaxing work. 


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BREED: Paso Fino



PRICE: $5000 
DOB: 04/20/2015

Updated: 04/24/2019

SOLD! Congratulations Tripti.  I am excited there are distance rides in Reina's future!

BREED: Paso Fino


PFHA#: 59,820

PRICE: $5000
DOB: 06/29/2016

Updated: 04/25/2019

SOLD Congratulations Lindsey!

BREED: Paso Fino

GENDER: Gelding


DOB: 04/20/2014

Updated: 07/08/2020

Gaited Horses For Sale

Pilar de la Pluma
(Maraton de Mile x Dulce Nieves) 

DOB 5/16/16. Mahogany Bay Paso Fino Filly blends the bloodlines of Coral LaCe and Cantante de Omega.  Pedigree is closely linked to successful distance riding Paso Finos including the dam's sister who is now doing 50's.

This is a BIG filly folks!  

Measured July 2018 15Hands, Measured July 2019 15.1hh. Measured spring 2020 15.2hh.

Filly is 15.5% Coral LaCe and 25% Cantante de Omega.

Pilar is conditioning on trail and completed the 2019 3 day Larry Whitesell Horsemanship Clinic.

Confirmed in foal to Futuro de la Pluma for 2021 foal.

Foal is available for sale in utero. FOAL SOLD IN UTERO

4/11/21 Pilar and Futuro blessed us with a stunning long  legged buckskin filly!  Congratulations Carollee and Brian!

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 Reina de la Pluma
(Mi Sueno x Venus de Vez)

This liver Chestnut Paso Fino filly really does think she is the QUEEN of the pasture.  This is a well built, nicely gaited line bred Coral LaCe filly.  Reina's sire, Mi Sueno is a direct son of the Legandary Hall of Fame, 13x top 10 Paso Fino Stallion, Coral LaCe.  Her dam is a palomino granddaughter of Coral LaCe.  

Reina has been handled regularly since weaning. She comes to you in the pasture for haltering and leads well. She stands decently for grooming and hoof care. She loves to have her rump scratched.  

April 2019 Training Update: Reina is under saddle and on trail.  Videos taken 4/19/19.
Reina is a perfect prospect for your long distance trail riding horse. She will deliver size and natural gait with an impressive largo.  

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Photos taken 2018 Current Photos pending....
Reina is 43.63% Coral LaCe


Stunning Black n White Pinto Paso Fino Mare.  Valia is receiving a training tune up. In the past she has been used for lessons and trail riding.  "Vee" has a puppy dog personality, loves attention and can't get enough of it.  She will run to the gate to meet you.  Her training has included water, mud, trails, traffic, canter leads and practical lateral moves helpful around the farm such as opening and closing gates. Vilia is elegant and beautiful.  

 "VEE"  completed our 2018 3 day Larry Whitesell Horsemanship Clinic.  She helps with some trial rides and lessons.  If you want an horse for obstacles take a look at Vee. 


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BREED: Paso Fino



PRICE: $5000
DOB: 05/07/2008

Updated: 06/07/2021

BREED: Paso Fino



DOB: 05/02/2015

Updated: 05/20/2019

SOLD!  Congratulations Kimmer on the purchase of our last available Mi Sueno Filly.

Congratulations Amanda!

Valia de Mile
(Maraton de Mile x Espirea Ulmaria de Mile) 

BREED: Paso Fino



DOB: 05/26/2007

Updated: 05/16/2019

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SOLD! Congratulations Carollee on the purchase of your first Paso Fino and what a beauty she is!

 Tesoro de la Pluma
(Mi Sueno x Isabelle)

This special GELDING was born on Easter Sunday.  Tesoro is Line bred on the Legendary Paso Fino Stallion; Coral LaCe. This colt is elegant and tall, approx. 14.2 HH.  He has a natural gait with long stride. Tesoro is bred to have an impressive range of natural gait and should show a lot of speed in his Largo. His sire, Mi Sueno is a son of Coral LaCe a Hall of Fame Paso Fino Stallion who was 13 times Top Ten Sire, Twice #1 Sire of the Year.  Tesoro's dam is a daughter of Eclipse who is a grandson of Coral LaCe thru Corals Monarca de Vez

Tesoro is conditioning for distance events and has completed his first CDR. He was imprinted at birth, he is easy to handle. Leads well, Single Ties, Cross Ties and is Learning to ground tie. He turns on the forehand and haunches and does practical lateral work useful around the farm such as opening and closing gates.  
Tesoro has tons of potential!  He has siblings with Endurance and Competitive Trail success and he has been raised around cattle his whole life. 

Tesoro is bitted in a snaffle bit. 

August 2018 Tesoro completed Larry Whitesells 3 day Horsemanship clinic.

He has the potential to be the tall gelding of your dreams!

Tesoro is 34.25% Coral
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BREED: Paso Fino


PFHA#: 59,845

PRICE: $Not For Sale
DOB: 05/16/2016

Updated: 07/08/2020

Joya de la Pluma
(Mi Sueno x Isabelle Eclipse de Padre) 

This Chestnut Paso Fino filly is truly a gem to be treasured!   She likes attention and is not at all shy to tell you what spot most needs scratched!
Joya is a naturally smooth gaited filly. Her sire Mi Sueno (son of Legendary Hall of Fame, 13x top 10 sire Coral Lace) is known for producing offspring with size, elegance and range of gait from Corto to impressive Largo.  Many of his offspring, Joya's half siblings, are doing well in long distance CTR and Endurance trail riding events.  Her dam, Isabelle is a daughter of Eclipse, a son of Corals Monarca de Vez. Monarca is a Coral LaCe son reportedly clocked in Largo gait at 20mph.  Eclipse is also known for his Largo reportedly  clocked in largo gait at 18mph.
April 2019 Training update: Joya's training includes having been imprinted at birth and handled regularly since. She comes to you in the pasture for haltering. She leads well and stands decently for grooming and hoof care.  She is under saddle and on trail.  She has learned leg yeilds and lateral movements.  Inquire for updates on her training.

Joya is an excellent prospect for distance riding. 
Joya is 34.25% Coral LaCe

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​Photos 2018  

Esencia de la Pluma
(Sundancers Melodia WBF x Corina de Pluma)

 DOB 6/29/16 Esencia de la Pluma is a granddaughter of our foundation sire, Mi Sueno son of Legendary Hall of Fame sire Coral LaCe 13x top 10 and 2x's#1 sire of the year.  On the dam side Esencia is a granddaughter of Esperanza 2004 PFHA High Point CTR Horse of the Year. Esencia's dam is the owners personal favorite mount, Corina de Pluma who has a successful distance career. 

April 2019: Esencia trailer loads and is under green saddle.

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Esencia de la Pluma is 
36% Coral LaCe
25% Cantante de Omega