Mi Sueno (My Dream)
Paso Fino Stallion
PFHA# 15,807
DOB 3/10/89 
Son of Legendary Coral LaCe
( 13 Time Top 10 sire, Multi Time #1 Sire of the Year, and PFHA Hall of Fame Sire )

(Coral LaCe x Rosi)
 This 1989 dark Chestnut Paso Fino stallion possesses the size, agility, 
and heart displayed by his sire, Coral LaCE. 
His strength and stamina, contrast with the gentle disposition and willing 
spirit that lives in his blood. 
Clearly Mi Sueno can sire the foal of your dreams.
Mi Sueno is proud, elegant, tall, and fast! 

In our Memory




(Mi Sueno x Unos Esperanza ) 
Snip is a larger than life 14.3 Hand Tall Bay Paso Fino Gelding. Snip is linebred on the Legandary 13x Top Ten Paso Fino Stallion; Coral LaCe.  His sire Mi Sueno is a direct son of Coral LaCe. His dam, Unos Esperanza is a granddaughter of Coral LaCe. 
            Snips dam earned the 2004 PFHA High Point Competitive Trail Horse of the Year award. (Snip experienced his first 3 day 80 mile ECTRA long distance competitive trail ride while in utero!) Two of his full sisters Corina de Pluma and Ambrosa de Pluma have distance riding accomplishments. Many of his half siblings including; Bufalo Blanco de Pluma, Angelo de Pluma, Exquisita de Pluma and Divina de Pluma also have endurance riding accomplishments under both AERC and ECTRA sanctioned Limited Distance and Competitive Trail Riding Competitions.
2014-2015 Snip completed several 25 - 30 mile AERC and ECTRA Endurance Trail Ride LD's and Competitive Trail Limited Distance competitions, including 3 non consecutive days of the Pine Tree LD's.  100% completion record to date.
2015 & 2016 Snip has been schooling Training Level Dressage. More to come as Snip is taking seriously his job of forcing Brenda to be the best rider he can make her.... ;-)

Exquisita de la Pluma

(Mi Sueno x CoQueta Marvillosa)
This beautiful dapple buckskin Paso Fino mare is one of my favorite de Pluma horses! Exquisita linebred on the Legendary Paso Fino Stallion,  Coral LaCe.  Her sire is our own Coral LaCe son, Mi Sueno. Her dam is a granddaughter of Sundancer Mako, a Coral LaCe son well known for his Largo. Exquisita was measured 11/07 at 14.1, Measured 8/11 14.2 Hands.

Exquisita de la Pluma was trained under saddle as a 3 yr old.  She was used lightly on trails before producing a nice buckskin filly, Lluvia de la Pluma, in 2009. Lluvia is owned by an endurance rider who has successfully competed her in both Endurance and Competitive Trail competitions including one day 50 mile AERC and 3 day 100 ECTRA events. 
Due to Exqusita's important bloodlines we have always planned on her staying in our breeding program. However in May 2012 she started a training tune up and she was back on trail the first day! In 2013 Exquisita accompanied me on a few camping, trail riding trips to MD and FL while she conditioned for her first long distance Competitive Trail Ride (CTR). 2013 & 2014 Exquisita competed regularly in AERC Endurance (LD's) and ECTRA Competitive Trail events building up to 2 day 50 mile events before life events caused us to take a break from competition.  Fall 2018 we were able to get back to the distance trail and Ex has made a successful comeback and stepped up to 50 mile AERC Endurance rides.  2019 Exquisita earned her PFHA Title of Proficiency Award. 

Due to foal July 2021 x Futuro de la Pluma.  Foal is available for sale

Exquisita is 34.5% Coral LaCe

Senda de la Pluma™
Paso Fino Filly
PFHA# 59280
DOB 5/21/15

Divina de Pluma

(Mi Sueno x Santaana T) 
Divina is a daughter of our Coral LaCe son, Mi Sueno and it shows! She has his size, smooth accurate gait and significant largo speed. Measured at 22 months at 14.1 Hands she matured over 14.3 Hands. Divina has lots of trail experience, some show including a largo race to her credit. She is a proven broodmare but has primarily been a pleasure riding horse. This elegant Paso Fino mare will go all day long and then some. 2013 Divina started her distance career completing a 25 mile CTR and 30 mile LD before going into the breeding shed 2014 & 2015.

Divina blessed us with two amazing buckskin Paso Fino offspring; Sendra de la Pluma and Futuro de la Pluma.

Divina is 28% Coral LaCe

( Maraton de MiLE x Dulce Nieves) Pilar has to be the tallest Paso born at Feather Hill.  She sticked 15hh at 24 months of age and 15.1 when she turned 3 yrs old, and 15.2hh spring 2020. She is quiet, sweet, and loves attention. She has completed the 2019 and 2020 Larry Whitesell 3 day Horsemanship Clinic.  She is on the trail.  Look for her on the distance trail in the future.

Pilar is confirmed in foal for a 2021 foal by Futuro de la Pluma! This foal is available for purchase in utero.  This! foal sold in Utero.  Congratulations Brian and Carollee on a stunning buckskin filly born 4/11/2021.  

Pilar de la Pluma™
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA # 59,845
DOB 5/16/2016

Corina de Pluma

(Mi Sueno x Unos Esperanza) 
Corina means sweetheart in Spanish or precious stone in Greek and both are truly fitting. Measured at 48 months at 14.2 Hands.

Corina is my very favorite de Pluma horse to date.  She is brave and forward, preferring to lead. She is a smart horse that knows how to take care of herself and her rider.  Corina and I have traveled 1000's of miles together. She always eats and drinks enthusiastically.  She camps well alone or with other horses.  She loves to go but is very sensible and has never refused a request. 

Corina's dam, Unos Esperanza earned the 2004 PFHA High Point CTR Horse of the Year with up to 5 different riders. Corina's own long distance trail riding career includes back to back AERC Endurance LD's as well as many ECTRA Competitive Trail competitions and a Impressive completion record.  
In 2006 Corina blessed us with a beautiful pinto Paso Fino colt,  Chaska de la Pluma by Brisco de Pluma.  
In 2015 Corina gave us the special buckskin colt, Buscador de la Pluma, aka "Seeker" who is now owned by an Endurance Rider. 
In 2016  she again exceeded my expectations with her buckskin filly, Esencia de la Pluma.

Corina is 40.5% Coral LaCe

Our Horses

Divina de Pluma™ 
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA# 39,503 
DOB 6/19/01

Status: Share Leased 6/1/19-11/30/19

Congratulations Ian and Emeline!  You have one super special girl joining your family of Feather Hill Horses. 

Call or Text Brenda 570-809-1553

Recorte Poquito de Pluma™

aka Snip 
Paso Fino Gelding
PFHA# 49630
 DOB 4/14/06


Gitana de la Pluma™
Paso Fino Filly
PFHA # 57,084
DOB 4/11/09

Senda de la Pluma™

(Sundancer de Melodia WBF x Divina de Pluma)
Senda is a tall elegant Buckskin Paso Fino Filly.  Senda means trail or path and seems very fitting for several reasons.  The Path or trail of the Feather Hill "de Pluma" breeding program has lead to this filly and I am personally looking forward to many miles on the trail with Senda as my personal mount.  Only God knows where the path will take us!  Measured 3 yr old 14.3HH. Measured 4 yr old 15+hh)

Senda has completed Larry Whitesells 3 day Horsemanship clinic 2018 and 2019.  She is conditioning for future distance riding events. 

Senda is 32.75% Coral LaCe 
12.5% Cantante de Omega

Gitana de la Pluma

(Mi Sueno x Mercedez )
This is a another very tall filly! She is a sweetheart! 
Measured 14.2 Hands tall 11/10. 
Measured 14.3 Hands tall 11/13. 
Measured 14.35 2/14.
Gitana is the perfect horse we can put visitors, husbands, and beginners on to experience the smooth natural gait of the Paso Fino Horse.  Gitana is quiet, sensible, non competitive yet boasts an impressive Largo. She is traffic safe with many trail miles including overnight camping trips and lessons added to her resume. 

Gitana is 28% Coral LaCe 
out of a Pure Puerto Rican dam.

Corina de Pluma™
Paso Fino Mare
PFHA# 39,002
DOB 4/22/01

Join Feather Hill Stables in Celebrating 24

 Years in Business

Futuro de la Pluma™
Paso Fino Colt
PFHA# 59846
DOB 7/30/16

STUD FEE: $750

UPDATE: 5/16/19

Pilar de la Pluma is

15.5% Coral LaCe


25% Cantante de Omega

Exquisita de la Pluma™

Paso Fino Mare

PFHA# 46,954

DOB 5/1/05

Futuro de la Pluma™

(Sundancer Melodia x Divina de Pluma)

Stunning Large Stud Colt.  Futuro is available for stud.  His first 3  foals expected in 2021.  He is bred for accurate ground covering Largo with strong potential for competitive trail and endurance type riding. 

32.75% Coral LaCe 
12.5% Cantante de Omega