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 Years in Business

While continually refining Feather Hill breeding and training programs she enthusiastically continued to promote the Paso Fino Horse in an area where the breed was practically unheard of.  By 2003 and 2004 Feather Hill owned and trained Paso Fino horses earned the PFHA High Point Competitive Trail Horse of the Year awards.  Almost 20 years later many "de Pluma" Paso Fino horses have participated in the sports of Distance Riding, either Competitive Trail or Endurance.  With over 100 foals produced and hundreds of horses trained and sold Brenda enjoys keeping in contact with clients and hearing their success stories. 

Brenda has been an active Small Business Owner for 30 years with experience in the area of business management and accounting.  Horses are Brenda's true passion.  There is no better day than the day spent on the trail with her beloved Paso Fino Horses.  The dream of riding cross country lives on....

Our Team

   Mike's calm attitude, horse sense and handyman skills make him a trusted member of the Feather Hill Team.

Brenda & Steve Perrin, Owners

Brenda started riding at age 7, when her mother placed her in the front of her own saddle, taking Brenda on the first of many all-day trail rides.  Thus sparked a young girl's love affair with horses.  Soon followed an ex-carnival pony named Ginger who provided many a misadventure.  Later, inspired by a Walt Disney movie, The Calypso Kid (story of a palomino Paso Fino Stallion) and a chance encounter with a cross country wagon train that came thru the area where the family lived, Brenda was struck with the adoration of the Paso Fino Horse and the dream of riding horseback, coast to coast, across this great country. 

Mike Neumann, Trainer

Feather Hill's resident trainer Mike

Steve and Brenda married in 2013.  Steve brings an amazing level of energy and enthusiasm to the team.  After the Navy Steve spent 32 years with PPL retiring as an Electrical Foreman.  With an extensive background in maintenance Steve enjoys keeping busy with projects around the farm.  The Paso Fino Horses smooth gait has won Steve's loyalty and appreciation for them as the only choice for a trail horse. 

Steve has long been involved in the sport of Team Roping and he looks forward to weekly practice sessions with the guys and hosts Team Roping Jackpots as well as Team Sorting Clinics and Jackpots. He is currently building a breeding herd of Corriente cattle enjoys watching his young roping horses develop.  Steve is also an avid hunter and fisherman.

Together Brenda and Steve offer over 80 years combined experience providing for your equine needs.

Brenda Perrin

Instructor and Coach

Contact Brenda to discuss your riding goals. 

Horsemanship Instruction with emphasis on Rider Position. 

Need help setting reasonable goals for yourself and your horse? 

Need a plan to stay motivated and on track for success?

Brenda can help you develop a plan, set goals, improve your riding skill set and develop your horses training and conditioning. 

If you are interested in Long Distance Riding Brenda will coach you, introducing you to the sports of Competitive Trail Riding and Endurance.

In 1997 Brenda turned her equine hobby into a business and lifestyle commitment, founding Feather Hill Stables as a breeding farm dedicated to producing athletic Paso Fino Horses suitable to carry larger riders over long distances. 

Sparks turn to flame as she researched pedigrees and studied anything she could get her hands on related to Competitive Trail, Endurance or the occasional Long Rider tale.  CTR and Endurance are two sanctioned forms of Distance Riding that provide a "fix" for the childhood dream of riding coast to coast.